Using solar to offset energy cost and reduce carbon emissions and live an overall better way of living for businesses


flexible small solar panel 50vThe challenge to reduce our carbon emissions offers an opportunity for innovation and prosperity. All businesses play a role of in driving the economy and one thing they all share in common is that they produce greenhouse gas emissions.


The positive is that there are ways for businesses to reduce carbon emissions. More and more businesses are realizing that choosing solar energy is not only good for the environment but also good for their bottom line, as reducing waste such as unnecessary use of energy means saving money in the long run.


Businesses around the world are finding that there is a strong business case for managing and reducing carbon emissions, which include brand enhancement and many other competitive advantages.


Using electricity from solar power will reduce the use of fuels, thereby reducing emission and pollution. While energy efficiency investments are measures that require both time and investment t o implement, it has been proven that the payback is attractive, both in terms of money and employee productivity.


Solar financing can also actually eliminate capital requirements thereby freeing up capital to invest in other projects. Solar energy costs are certain and businesses see the savings from day 1. Solar provides economies of scale as the more you use the cheaper it gets.



small 12v flexible solar panel


Did you know:


  • Every two and a half minutes another business in the United States converts to solar energy?
  • That the U.S government is also offering an incentive by way of offering a 30% federal tax rebate for commercial properties that choose to install solar energy systems


A business can show its participation in contributing to the battle  against global warming by investing in solar energy as it will not only  reduce operational expenses but will also serve as a great PR  and marketing tool. It can also general a positive response from consumers  by having an environmentally responsible image.


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