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Energy Efficiency in the Business World

semi flexible solar panel efficiency Just like at home, business offices can stand to reduce their carbon impressions and save energy, thus saving money in the long run. Not all savvy business owners know how to do this or even know where to begin. Cutting back on your carbon footprint is not only beneficial to you and your business, but it’s almost important when it comes to trying to save the world in which we live in. When we cut back and use less energy we’re giving the world and our future a cleaner and healthier looking opportunity to give back to the planet in which we’ve already taken so much from. This article will feature some tips and ways in which those of you who are business owners, can cut back on energy costs and even put a little (or a lot) of money back into your pocket.


In average, commercial buildings waste more energy than they actually use which is even worse than just sucking up vast amounts of energy. The first step you can take in cutting costs and your carbon imprint is discovering what may be in use, that shouldn’t be when the business is closed after hours. This might mean hiring a night auditor to go around and take inventory of what is on and what shouldn’t be on. This will give you an idea as to what is taking up so much power and what to look for at night so that it can be shut off. Another big saver is keeping all equipment and machinery in working order. Believe or not, when a machine doesn’t function right it can suck up more energy in attempts to try and function up to par. However, when equipment is working as intended, it’s less likely to take up so much energy.


100w semi flexible solar panelJust like you want to make sure you’re using energy efficient lighting sources, make sure all your ventilation and air shafts are properly insulated and working the way they should be. By keeping up with their maintenance and making sure their clear, you’ll heat and cool down the business as well as keep the heating and cooling costs on the lower side. Some electronics you could be running don’t know to shut off when they’re not used and thus they still consume the same amount of power as if they’re awake. You want to make sure things like computers are being placed in an energy saving mode so they’re not constantly sucking up power that isn’t being used. Other electronics like printers and copiers should be turned off any time they’re not being actively used and this too can save a bundle.


There are smaller ways in which energy costs can be cut by using things like blinds which can block sunlight and automatically make a room cooler in the summer months as it not just blocks the sunlight, but the heat that comes with it too. Anything that isn’t being used should not be run.


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