Semi flexible solar panels

How Hospitals Can Use Solar Power To Offset Energy Cost And Reduces Their Carbon Emissions


semi flexible solar panels 100wWith the growing threat of global warming and the climate change many industries are looking for more eco friendly ways to operate their businesses. Due to the larger structure of hospitals, the number of staff members driving to work and the amount of equipment they need to sometimes have constantly plugged, Hospitals can be huge contributors to the unnecessary carbon emissions and wasted energy. There are a number of measures that hospitals can take to reduce their energy waste and begin to benefit the environment.






Hospitals can have the building evaluated for carbon consumption which can be the best first step to take to lower their carbon footprint. By knowing exactly where most of the energy is being used and wasted they can begin to create a plan that can cut back on their energy waste and save thousands of dollars.

Using LED Lights.


LED light gives a bright ray of light, which, can be highly beneficial for many waiting and operating rooms with in a hospital. LED lights can also save up to 70% of the energy usage and are more cost efficient because they do not need to be replaced as frequently as incandescent lights. Also installing dimmers or motion sensitive lighting systems can cut energy cost a significant amount each month.


Pipes And Boilers.


Hospitals can save up to 20% in heating cost each year by doing routine maintenance on boiler systems as well as insulation pipelines throughout the building. By routinely cleaning heating and cooling ducts the can ensure that their systems can run properly and energy is not wasted because it is being blocked by dust or dirt particles.


Renewable Energy Sources.

semi flexible solar panels for hospitalHospitals could have a huge impact on the environment as well as reduce energy cost by installing an alternate form of energy production.  Wind or solar power panels can greatly reduce carbon emission. Hospitals are typically located in prime areas where either of these methods could easily be utilized. These systems are also great to have in place for emergency situation when there are power outages and an alternative energy source can ensure that the hospital can continue to run as usual. Installing an alternative energy can really be a life saving choice for those who are on life-support where the risk of having a power outage would be being cut off from the energy they need to survive.


By installing a solar powered energy sources hospital can greatly impact the environment in a more positive way. By implementing a few other easy low cost changes they can not only make better use of the energy the need to use but can greatly cut back on energy costs. For an institute that was built for the purpose of saving lives should it not make more of an effort to improve lives by helping the environment? are world wide distrubutors of flexible solar solutions.  Flexible solar panels offers a range of solar panels for any application and for any power charging need. The mono-crystalline cell is able to produce a significant amount of power per square foot making it the go to power solution.


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