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Energy Efficiency and Cutting Costs in School


flexible solar panel sunpowerFor anyone who has watched the news, they know how hard and important it is for schools to receive funding for students. What they may not know, is what they can do to cut costs and help the schools to put more money back in to their own pockets. With the recent outcry over budget costs and teachers not having the adequate material needed to teach kids, it’s important that ways are found to cut costs without anyone getting hurt from it. One of the best ways you can cut costs is through energy efficiency. Anyone from schools, home and businesses are all capable of doing this which means more money for you.


Just as with businesses, you can get students active in an energy efficient campaign that promotes doing your part to save energy. When possible everyone should have energy efficient (saving) lightbulbs placed in which is a great way to start. However, lightbulbs alone aren’t going to cut it which means any time a classroom is vacant for more than a minute, the lights need to go off and that’ll save a  lot of money especially with how many classrooms or rooms in general that a school typically has. While getting kids active in the campaign it’s great to let them get creative and place up little signs and reminders to turn off lights and electronics, as well as a reminder as to why it’s important and what it can do to help.


solar system thin flexible panelsAny time a classroom is facing closer to where the sunlight will hit or in terms of classrooms that receive greater amounts of light, remove lamps and such as the sunlight can provide natural lights in the day. Another great benefit of removing these lights is making it possible to have a dimmer switch involved. Dimmer switches mean that less energy is being used because less light is required. While some kids may thrive off bright lights, many complain of migraines and have trouble focusing in the bright light which makes gentle and more natural light sources a better educational opportunity.


Keeping up with school building repairs is a huge benefit and way in which savings and energy can be accumulated. To heat or cool a school is one of the biggest most bills they face. If you eliminate drafts this will keep the cold out in the winter which means easier to heat, able to lower the thermostat more and lower your bill. Likewise, the opposite yet same goes in the summer. The building is able to retain the cool air and keep out the heat without having to set the thermostat so low and you still get the desired effect on a cheaper budget. Installation of ceiling fans can help circulate the air which again can cut costs while offering the same desired effect of either it being comfortably warm in the winter or comfortably cool in the summer months. Equipment purchased should have that energy star sticker that symbolizes them being energy efficient.


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