Flexible solar cells

Using Solar to offset Energy Cost and Reduce Carbon Emissions and live an overall better way of living in Schools

Thin Film Flexible Solar ModulesSolar power has made its major impact on the environment and has now taken a new role to save teachers jobs. 
Schools have also lead the way by going solar to mitigate carbon emissions of pollutants that are harmful for health and the environment. Investments in solar energy provide schools with many benefits aside from saving the environment.


The large flat roof of a school building is a perfect place to install solar panels to generate clean solar electricity that will leave a lasting impression on students. Children are learning hands on about renewable energy while schools also save money. Schools are an excellent place to use solar energy. They are open during the day when the sun is out and when it is possible to obtain the most benefits from its power.



The benefits reported on schools that have converted to solar:



Estimates by Solar Energy Industries Association and other research Groups have proven that over the past three years, solar power costs have fallen by more than a third in schools. Since school administrators are recognized leaders in their communities, using solar energy shows leadership in energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental awareness. Schools can also lead by educating the community as a whole about all  the benefits of using solar to offset energy cost while reducing carbon  emissions.


Flexible solar panels, is the innovative power technology designed with strength and versatility. We can design panels in custom sizes that will cover the entire working area. For our flexible solar panels, we provide custom/OEM products.


To know more about the benefits of how flexible solar cells can be benefit your school CLICK HERE!

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