Energy Efficiency and Cutting Costs in Hospitals


flexible photovoltaic cellsWe rely on hospitals to take care of us and take care of our loved one’s when they’re hurt or not feeling well. Unfortunately, the rise in costs of health care seem to be going up more and more with each passing year and it doesn’t seem like there is a whole lot we can do about it. Many of the costs we face aren’t just for the doctor we see, the hours we spend in the emergency room or even the equipment they use on us. In fact, in correlation to those prices they also have to make up for the cost of running that equipment or all the stuff that goes into making sure you, a friend, or loved one is taken care of while they stay and that is one cost that hospitals struggle with.


If and when energy costs are cut, this means bills aren’t quite as high and that you can receive better care. It also means the staff are better taken care of, and even that our home planet is better taken care of because we are reducing the carbon imprint these costs are leaving behind. There are a few ways in which hospitals can better save energy and reduce the carbon emission that is destroying our ozone which has led to other environmental issues along the way.


characteristics of photovoltaic cellOne of the best ways a hospital can help give back to the earth is by fixing what is broken or not working well. Just like we get to not feeling well, sometimes machinery, outlets and other everyday items that are utilized are getting overwhelmed and run down. This means that they break, or struggle to work and ‘suck up’ more energy to power themselves. By conducting checks to make sure vents, equipment and other such necessities are working and up to par is a big way to save energy. While new equipment can be costly it’s easier to invest in one that saves energy and meets the needs than it is to stick with the old that works and takes up more and cost more energy wise.


Speaking of upgrades, you’re heating, cooling and water systems are a great place to start. Anyone who works in a hospital knows that germs survive in the warm climates and die in the cold. This is why traditionally, hospitals are kept pretty cold in effort to kill off the germs of all the sick patients that come through. Likewise, if you seal up any place or fix and patch a part of the building that is drafty or not insulated well this can keep the hospital warm so the thermostat isn’t working so hard to do its job, and likewise cold to whatever temp is required. Besides heating and cooling the biggest saver on cost efficiency and reducing carbon emissions is using natural lighting aka good old sunlight. Studies have proven that patients heal better, less likely to get sick and costs of lighting go down.


Flexible solar panels, is the innovative power technology designed with strength and versatility. We can design panels in custom sizes that will cover the entire working area. For our flexible solar panels, we provide custom/OEM products.

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