Wholesale Flexible Solar Panels

Interested in wholesale flexible solar panels at low prices? Stored Energy Products offers a PRO Account wholesale program designed for those high volume buyers and resellers.


Sign up for our wholesale program for exclusive offers on many of the world’s top brands and product lines of flexible solar panels and custom power solutions. Our dedicated representatives offer special pricing, marketing, and technical support for resellers.


Why Buy Wholesale Flexible Solar Panels


If you are a retailer looking for a way to offer your customers alternative energy resources, then you have come to the right place. We offer a number of panels, including rigid and flexible solar panels.


Best of all, we stay on the cutting edge of what is occurring in the industry, which allows us to bring you the most innovative solar products that the market has to offer. This will allow you to pass these advance technologies on to your customers at a substantial discount.


Wholesale flexible solar panels will open a world of opportunity for you, as well as your customers. These panels can be installed virtually anywhere you like, including marine, caravan, RVs, residential and commercial.


Benefits of Flexible Solar Panels


All solar power comes with a variety of benefits, as it utilizes natural resources to generate energy. This allows you the ability to go anywhere in the world and still have power.


However, flexible panels are even more so beneficial, because they can be installed on any mobile unit. Also, they are highly efficient and reliable, easy to install and you can easily add on to your current system.


If you need more power – no problem. Simply add in more panels to collect the amount of sunlight you need to run your electronics and the luxuries that our digital world provides us.


  • Maintenance Free
  • Light, Thin, and Semi-flexible
  • Reliable Source of Renewable Energy
  • Energy Conversion Efficiency 19%


Perks Of A Pro Account


Buying wholesale flexible solar panels can get you a number of perks. The more you buy, the better discount we can give you. Please contact us today for your custom quote, and find out how we can help you get the best price that the market has to offer.


Here are just some of the benefits that a Pro Account will get you.


  • Up to 25% off listed prices
  • Instant access to over 80 brands
  • Mobile ordering and online account management
  • Exclusive promotions
  • New product announcements
  • Dedicated sales representatives available


If you are ready to take your offerings to the next level, contact us today about our Pro Account for wholesale flexible solar panels. This will allow you to provide competitive rates to your customers or complete large projects without breaking the bank.


Alternative energy resources are the way of the future, and we want to be a big part of that. This is why we have created the Pro Account program, as well as offer wholesale flexible solar panels to the general public, contractors, high volume buyers, resellers and much more.



Wholesale Flexible Solar Panels At Low Prices

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