RV Flexible Solar Panels

Introducing solar panels into your life will save you money and improves your footprint on the environment. When RV flexible solar panels were first introduced, they were a novelty in the industry. Solar panels had previously been bulky additions that were expensive. However, with new innovations, it is possible to add solar panels to many different fixtures, including your recreational vehicles.


Why does your RV need solar panels?


RV flexible solar panels

Immediately, the first answer to this question is freedom. When you are travelling around in an RV, you rely on plugging up to electrical outlets to live. These outlets limit the locations that you can park your RV. So, you end up spending time in campsites and RV lots, instead of looking for campsites along your way you can trail blaze your own path. So, you can stay on the side of a mountain, or alone in the woods, without having to worry about interacting with neighbors.


Safety, is the second word that comes to mind with RV solar panels. When you are out in the wilderness, having a built-in source of power can save you in bad situations. All your appliances run off the battery of your car and your electrical system. By implementing solar panels, you’re giving your RV another source of power to pull from. So, you don’t have to worry about your RV draining our panels when they first can use some of the stored energy you’ve collected from the sun.


Should you purchase solar panels for your recreational vehicle?


Only you can determine whether solar panels are a good investment for your vehicle, but most owners agree that solar panels help them save money. When you’re traveling, you look for every opportunity to cut costs. When you use solar panels, you have free energy. Yes, you initially pay for your setup, but the system pays for itself over time. You can use these panels in any season, if they receive direct sunlight. Also, you have minimal to no maintenance for flexible panels, and they are durable. Finally, the implementation of solar panels will improve and lengthen the life of your battery. It can be costly to replace RV batteries, and you usually must do so every 3 years. However, by using solar power you can extend the life of your battery up to 75%.


What’s the difference between flexible versus rigid?


Now that you’ve decided to purchase your panels, you can choose between rigid or flexible panels. Flexible panels are thinner than rigid panels, and as such they weigh less. These flexible panels are perfect to be applied to your roof. You can walk on these panels, but you still need to be careful how much weight you are placing on them. However, with rigid panels you’re going to spend more money in gas because they will weight down your vehicle.


We have many different options to choose from with RV flexible solar panels, and you are sure to find a set up that suits your needs. Contact us to see which panels are right for you!

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