RV Roof Flexible Solar Panels

RV Solar Power Adding Freedom


Flexible Solar Panels on a Motorhome RV RoofWhether you dream is to become a full-time RVers or to reduce the cost of going for a trip in your RV, consider solar panels as a method to be able to get up and go whenever you wish.  Solar panels add more independence and freedom than any other electric option.  

The biggest advantage to installing solar on an RV is that it provides energy any time there is daylight and it completes this task silently, without any fuel or maintenance, is a clean energy source and is odor free, and you are able to go about your day, go for a hike, or find an adventure, without having to worry about the system.  This is extremely helpful if you are considering finding a space that does not have electrical hookup or trying to reduce your costs of full-time RVing.


With any situation where you are considering using solar panels to either supplement or entirely replace grid electricity, you need to know exactly how much electricity you are planning on using during the average day.  Do you plan on using a laptop, plus a TV, plus a vacuum, plus… plus… plus…? Then add all of these items up of how many amps they typically use and start to develop a system that will be able to handle all of or help your electric needs.


The idea that you need worry about is your level of consumption verses your level of charging from the panels.  Your level of consumption needs to be less than or matching your capabilities of charging the batteries, otherwise you will over extend your batteries and they will become discharged and very dead.  The amount of solar panels that you will need as well as the placement of the panels is something to be considered when you are thinking about making the investment of adding solar panels to your RV.  Typically, you want a larger array of solar panels to help charge the batteries, adding batteries to a solar system will not combat any energy shortage.


RV Roof Solar Panels Flexible Consider the age of the batteries that you are adding to your set up.  If you have your solar panel set up for an extended period of time, which would be great to make the most of your investment, than it is a good idea to keep an inventory of the age of your batteries.  Keeping the age and the size of your batteries fairly similar will extend the life of the batteries that you are using in your system because the new batteries or the strong batteries will actually attempt to utilize energy to balance with the weak batteries in the system.


It is in your best interest to find a professional to help determine the amount of power your will need for your RV as well as appropriately installing the system.  You have spent several thousands of dollars on an RV that is right for you and your family the last thing that you would want is to damage the electrical system.


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