RV Flexible Solar Panel Kits

Cost Reduction By Solar Power on RVs


rv photovoltaic solar kitTo all RVers, it is known that one of their nightmares is how to keep their power last longer during camping. Things like laptops, TVs and other electrical devices are all known to use a lot of power thus draining the RV’s battery bank. Initially the RVers only had two ways of keeping up their machines and electronic devices up and running. First, they depended on batteries, where they could buy large number of batteries or they could buy a generator fueled by a diesel. All of these options proved to be difficult for them as they had some major issues. For instance batteries were very big thus occupying a larger area, they were also not that much portable as they were heavy hence could not be easily moved. On the other hand, the generators were very noisy and could cause a lot of disturbance, they were also very dirty due to the oil and grease which were being used during maintenance, it was also expensive when it came to the maintenance part as it needed constant refueling and checkup.


As the solar charging systems were invented, it came as a huge advantage to the RVers as this would see them get some economic relief. With this kind of technology, RVers would now easily keep their RV batteries charged by tapping the power of the sun with the solar panels which were fitted on top of their Vehicles then connected to the battery bank through the charge controller. These charging systems always works together with already existing equipment and can also be expanded and scaled according to the individual’s needs. These panels are capable of generating a capacity of about 100 to 500 watts and the power produced is reliable. Moreover these solar panels are relatively cheaper and maintenance free, they also do not require any refueling making them the most ideal and easier to use source of energy for the RVers. This technology proved to be clean, quiet and was not causing any pollution to the environment. They also proved to be capable of maximizing the battery life and also generates pure D.C. current.


Flexible solar panels motorhome RV roofThe solar panels are made up what is called the photovoltaic cells which is responsible for converting the sun’s energy into electricity. In order to generate sufficient power, one must have enough space just for battery storage according to the number of batteries you have. All these things were put together by the great minds and enabled them to invent something that would later be of advantage to the RVers making lack of power to be the least of their worries. This charging system is also weather resistant as it can be used in all kinds of weather. The batteries can be charged weather it’s sunny or rainy, they are also designed with materials that can help them withstand the weather conditions thus you don’t have to worry about your solar panels damaged. Camping and RVing has never been made this easy, simple and enjoyable and all thanks goes to the invention and innovation of solar energy.


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