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Uses and Benefits of Solar Panels for RV


Solar Panels For Motorhome‎RV users literally revel in power and thrive on it- but this is one power that they’re not going to wield – for its electrical power that their solar panels generate. Without this kind of power, Rvers can hardly have the kind or camping trips and outings that they desire without being plagued by the fact that they have to constantly remain plugged into the grid.


When the travel bug bites you and you’re off to explore breathtaking views, the last thing you want to be bothered about is electricity. Solar panels on the roof of your vehicle are great options either as back-up power in emergencies or as power generators in remote locations where electricity is not an oft-heard about thing. So if you want to use your laptop or charge your phone you’d not find a charging unit. The batteries in which power is stored as a consequence of your rooftop solar panels generating electricity, when connected to an inverter produces the kind of power that you need to power these appliances.


Solar power provides the batteries with a slow, steady charge that helps extend battery life for it’s a well-known fact that batteries when charged very fast are unable to hold charge for long. As solar charges the batteries on and off the road, the battery is always a ‘ticking box of energy’ and will remain so for a long, long while to come. Dead batteries are a thing of the past and something that you will probably never encounter if you have RV solar panels on your vehicle.


These RV solar panels are fixed and there are no moving parts means- this greatly minimizes the chances of something going wrong with them. Used carefully and preserved well, these things could just last for a decade or so without bothering you at all. The best part is, in case you want to add more panels to get more power output, then it can be done without the least hassle.


rv roof solar panelsAlthough the initial setup may be a little expensive, it more than pays for itself in a few years and from then onwards, you get absolutely free power, for the sun belongs to nobody. The sun as a resource is almost inexhaustible and even if there are hundreds of solar panels that trap the sun, your RV solar panel is going to get its full quota of sunlight. Even during winter and when there is cloud cover, the little sunlight that there is fires up these batteries.


Apart from the fact that you’ve paid for the solar panels (and that’s pinched your pocket a wee bit), you’d not even notice their existence. They function quietly, they don’t give off repelling smoke, there is no odor and the power is clean and healthy to our environment. It’s said that the life expectancy of the RV batteries that use solar power is greatly enhanced and increases from the typical 50 to 75 percent. If you’re lucky, you need only replace them once a decade and that’s indeed something to gloat about. Solar panels are a boon for RV users and not many will miss out on the opportunity of decorating their roofs with them.


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