Flexible Solar Panels RV

Why Flexible Solar Panels for your RV


solar panels portable campingThere are aye-sayers that advocate the use of flexible solar panels for your RV and nay-sayers that dismiss it in the same breath. These panels, generally referred to as ‘thin film panels’ are believed to be an offshoot of some of the most recent advances in solar energy and are ideal for use on top of caravans or trailers, where weight is always a consideration.


As these panels are flexible, they can easily be fit to the roof of the vehicle without fear of breaking. Moreover, unlike the traditional poly- crystalline or mono-crystalline solar panels, more number of solar panels can be installed in a smaller space. They too are made of silicon and generate just as much as energy as other solar cells but they are lightweight and also can be produced at a lower cost. The amorphous silicon produces more free floating electrons that are responsible for creating electricity.

The initial flexible panels that were installed directly on the RV roof were backed by an aluminum sheet. As aluminum is a good conductor of heat, sometimes the inside of the vehicles could get very hot. The aluminum backing thus gave to a white looking acrylic backing sheet—a bad conductor of heat.


As these panels are installed directly on the RV roof, no ugly looking screws are visible. They are lightweight when compared to the traditional tempered glass solar panels and as they rest flat on the roof they augur for better aerodynamics. For those RV users for whom weight is an issue, they are better off with flexible solar panels.

RV Solar Panel Starter KitPerhaps the greatest benefit lies in the fact that these solar panels can be bent and flexed, and are considered ideal for those vehicles that have a slightly curved roof. They are said to provide the best charging solution to RV vehicles and can be installed with no hassles. Once they are installed, apart from some regular cleaning, they hardly require any maintenance. Moreover, they are touted to be good panels to have even during harsh weather conditions


Flexible solar panels are the best charging solution that provide a strong and durable lasting charge to your RV, sleeper cab, and other mobile vehicles. With the newest advancement in technology, you can now go off the grid with these easy to install flexible solar panels on your RV. They have been designed to provide lasting power without using your fuel and battery charge. Although Rigid RV solar panels are preferred for long-term use, they weigh more than flexible panels, stick up above the roof and are made of glass panes within an aluminum frame.


The revolutionary and exciting flexible solar panels are said to be the ‘way of the future’. View the best Flexible Solar Panels RV along with their specifications and best prices to help you get the best deal online. Click here to know more.


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