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Solar panels are a fairly new topic in the world of RVs, but current solar users cannot help but to rave about their investment in green energy. They have found that solar energy provides enough benefits that it should absolutely be considered by those who enjoy riding around in their RV, especially those who enjoy boondocking and dry camping. While solar panel setups may not be for everyone who spends time in an RV, it is definitely an option that you should consider to see if it is right for you. You may be surprised with how much a solar panel system can help you.


Portable solar panelsAs previously mentioned, solar panels are ideal for those who enjoy boondocking and dry camper and would rather stick to that than be confined solely to an RV park. If you enjoy RV parks, than solar energy can still be beneficial but may not be as necessary. Green energy is a wise investment to get into because renewable energy ends up saving users on energy costs in the long run, especially since these costs always seem to be rising.


One benefit for having solar energy is the fact that with solar energy, there is less of a reliance on your generator. Sometimes these generators can be very noisy, which may disrupt others in an RV park and may be above its noise regulations. In general, solar offers enough energy without needing the use of the generator depending on the type of panel system and sunlight. Another benefit is the savings on energy costs because you will need less fuel in order to run your RV and other items.


When considering purchasing a solar panel, there are two different types to consider: amorphous panels, often referred to as flexible solar panels, and crystalline panels. Flexible solar panels for RVs are becoming a popular choice due to its aerodynamic and lightweight nature, as well as their ability to charge even in shaded areas. Some people still prefer crystalline panel options because they are more durable and much more energy efficient. This choice may come down to a personal preference as well as a budget requirement. If you have any questions about choosing solar panels, you can always contact a professional who has knowledge in solar panels for RVs.


solar rv panelsThere are some other things to think about when you are getting solar panels set up. There are different components to solar setup, including the type of battery, inverters and controllers. The controller will regulate the variable electricity to convert power at a proper rate so that the battery receives the correct amount of charge. The battery must be one that is powerful enough to keep up with all of your energy needs, especially during times where there is no sunlight like at night. The inverters will help convert the battery’s 12-volts into the 120-volts that are needed to run certain appliances, such as televisions or computers.


Solar panels can absolutely be a wise choice, but doing your research is important to understand if this is a wise investment for your specific needs.


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