RV Flexible Solar Panels


More and more individuals are switching to RV flexible solar panels, and with good reason. These panels offer so much flexibility, which is not found in other solar panels.


flexible solar panels for RV's

You can easily mount them at any angle, and they will not take up that much room. Perfect solution for those who want solar power, but do not have adequate mounting space.

Why Should I Choose RV Flexible Solar Panels?


Solar power has come a long way over the last several years. Technology advancements now allow you to easily go off the grid without giving up the comforts that you enjoy. Flexible solar panels are the best charging solution, as they provide a strong, durable and lasting charge to your RV, sleeper cab, and other mobile vehicles.


With these easy to install flexible solar panels on your RV, the sky is the limit. More and more individuals are turning to the RV life because of its flexibility and they are able to live very conservatively.


Flexible Solar Panel Design


ApolloFLEX solar panels have a unique design that allows them to attach firmly to the top of your RV, caravan, or other mobile vehicle with ease. They comfortably fit the shape of your vehicle and are flexible enough to form to the roof without fear of breaking.


Unlike standard panels, these panels lay flat against your vehicle and are still able to receive enough sunlight to generate an efficient charge, eliminating the hassle of parking at a specific angle to absorb the sunlight.


Features of RV Flexible Solar Panels:


The best thing about solar power is the fact that it is a renewable energy source. You will never run out of power, nor will it harm our planet in any way. If you want more energy all you have to do is add more panels.


Here are just some of the befits of owning  flexible solar panels.


  • Thin & Semi-flexible Panels
  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Saltwater Resistant (no worry about going sea side)
  • Safe to Walk On
  • Highly Durable
  • Maintenance Free
  • Lightweight, Thin and Semi-Flexible
  • Reliable Source of Renewable Energy
  • Energy Conversion Efficiency 19%
  • Solidly Adhered
  • Flat Installation


Flexible solar panels are easy to install on top of your roof and require little to no maintenance. They are also durable to withstand harsh weather conditions and withstand high temperatures without deteriorating.


The thin anodized aluminum backsheet allows the panels to be easily installed on your RVs roof, as well as adhere firmly to slightly curved surfaces. The perfect solution for hard to reach places, or surfaces that are anything but flat.


They are designed to provide your RV with lasting power, and don’t depend on your vehicles fuel or battery charge. We offer strong, durable and flexible solar panel systems to keep your equipment charged when on the go.


Here at Stored Energy Products we offer a PRO Account wholesale program for high volume buyers and resellers. Ordering your RV flexible solar panels with us is quick and easy. Plus, we will ship products right to your home, business or job site.


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