Solbianflex Solar Panels

Being on a boat is a fun way to relax and hang out with your family and friends. Lots of people take extended boating vacations during the warmer weather calendar months. During this time, they may have figured out ways to enjoy all the luxuries of home while on their boating, or their yachts. Most people make use of an air conditioning system or even have a refrigerator that requires to be run off the battery.


thin flexible solar panelsAlso, people who enjoy nighttime fishing with an electric light will need to get a backup battery pack charging source for those times while you venture out onto the water during the late mid-day and also require battery power to ensure you get back to land the following morning. But there is a common problem, mostly often occur, their enjoyment may be interrupted by a dead battery. In order to prevent this trouble, you really should consider installing flexible solar panels on your boat.


They are mainly useful for anyone who operate a lot of electronics on their boat, but wish to save gas and not go out of their boat idling. This indicates that rather than having to worry about running your electronic devices without running your boat and then kill your battery power; you will be able to be calm therefore you will simply enjoy your time on the boat either fishing, listening to the radio station, using bulbs when its night hours or even staying cool when you are inside the cabin with the Air conditioner.


flexible marine solar panelsEveryone knows that solar panel systems on land can capture the sun’s energy and convert it into an energy resource that can be used to run their homes.  Solar panel also works exactly the same as that of the solar panel on the land. When light reaches the solar panel it activates electrons that are on its surface. These electrons will start jumping from one atom to another one and creates an electrical current that carries out the method of a DC charge. It will be then transferred and stored into your battery to be served when needed.


However, there are certainly three common different types of solar powered cells available in marine flexible solar panels. Every single one has advantages and disadvantages. You simply must determine which one is best for you. These three types are:


1:- Mono-crystalline: This is a smaller solar panel than most so they really occupy less space, even so, it does not lack in performance, it has great performance. It makes use of silicon cells that develop into bigger crystals after which it cut to form individual cells. However, if you choose the polycrystalline cells, which also fit into this class, there will be less power during shady times.


2:- Amorphous Silicon: This is the cheapest way to obtain solar panels. They are not as efficient as the two other kinds, however they are shadow secured which means they will continue to charge regardless of the light that is available to them. This really is an actual benefit when considering sail boats.


3:- Common Solar Panels: These types of solar panels work perfectly, however they are very sensitive to shade. This implies that shade can lower the quantity of charge that you will get from your solar panel systems.


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