Thin Flexible Solar Panels

Solar Panels can Enhance Your Boat’s Battery Life


100w flexible solar panelInstalling flexible solar panels on your boat gives you uninterrupted power for running your electronics like fridge, automatic lights and security system or even the bilge pump. You can also save on fuel and reduce noise pollution by installing solar panels instead of using a generator. Flexible solar panels will ensure that your battery does not die on you when you are out on your sailboats or yachts for long excursions nor when the boats are moored.


Marine flexible solar panels most suitable solution

Marine flexible solar panels use innovative technology to ensure that your battery charge is maintained. So whether you have connectivity to the shore power grid or not your batteries remain charged. These panels usually use the high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells which provide more power per square foot and so it is the right solar panel to opt for on boats. The batteries on your boats are continuously recharged by these durable and all weather solar panels.


Marine flexible solar panels require little maintenance

Flexible solar panels require very little maintenance, are durable and have years of longevity despite the various types of weather conditions they encounter out in the waters or even when moored. Flexible solar panels are much lighter than other types of marine solar panels and the added advantage is that they are non-breakable. The panels are so strong and durable that they are even safe to walk on. Even if the panels are bent they will continue to provide power to charge the batteries.


Flexible solar panels boats roofEnergy efficient

Flexible solar panels are energy efficient and if you require more power you can add an additional module and get all the power you want for your needs. No matter where on the deck you install them they will be able to absorb sunlight and increase power efficiency. Solar panels which include the charge controller and the mounting hardware work out to be more economical than other forms of energy generators. They also require very little space for installation and since they are curved they fit in any selected place on the boat deck.


Marine flexible solar panels are well designed

Flexible solar panels are extremely thin, bendable and have a very slim anodized aluminum back-sheet. They can be adhered to curved surfaces easily which makes them ideal for boats. The anodized aluminum backing is saltwater proof and prevents the solar panel from deteriorating in harsh weather. They are also designed to withstand high temperatures and remain undamaged and are corrosion free. Some marine flexible panels are as light as a few hundred grams and have a thickness of as little as 1.5mm. However, they are perfectly capable of drawing energy from the sun and keeping your batteries fully charged.


Besides their usefulness in harnessing solar energy marine flexible solar panels look sleek because of their aerodynamic designs. They will not mar the beauty of your boat at all but will silently provide the power needed to run the gadgets on your boat without interruption.


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