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Why Install Solar Power on Your Boat


Marine Solar PV Panels
More and more people are choosing to live a more sustainable life and finding solution to live in modern comfort while still being in balance with nature.  One of the many ways that a person can accomplish off-the-grid living is by living or utilizing a boat and installing solar power to the boat.  For those of us who are just choosing to get away from it all for a while and anchor out adding an alternative energy source like solar panels will allow us to stay out to sea longer or enjoy the quiet just a little longer.


At its heart a solar panel transforms the energy of the sun into DC power.  Power is stored in batteries that can be then used to either start engines, run pumps, or even run a refrigerator and any consumer items and equipment.  The batteries that are best suited for marine use are sealed batteries that are resistant to corrosion and salt water.  These batteries can be costly if you do not care for them and keep the batteries topped off.


Solar panels on your boat is a great investment not only because you get to stay from shore longer, in greater comfort, but it could save you money in the long run.  If you are someone who frequent marinas you may be charged for shore power per foot for a season, just in this expense alone this could start earning a return on your investment of solar panels.  Going back to the idea of keeping the batteries topped off, the solar panels could also save you money in the cost of damaged batteries due to discharge.


Today’s solar panels are not only marine friendly where they can stand up to salt water better than previous generations but they are also flexible, meaning that you could install them on almost any surface as well as they are flatter and are able to support a person’s weight.  With the help of a professional you can decide the appropriate places for installing and wiring the solar panels so that you will get the maximum amount of amps produced per hour.  Because the panels can no become streamlined with the body of the boat so you do not have to worry about your investment becoming damaged due to hitting the dock or a passing storm.


The most perceptible difference you will notice is the quiet behind the solar panels working.  Solar panels do not require any liquid fuel that you have to store or transport, they do not produce any emissions that could stink up the cabin and the surrounding deck air, and the larger the boat the more apt you may be to use an electrical motor for propulsion.  Electrical motors do not produce as much noise as well as swaying, which could be bad news for any passenger who is prone to motion sickness.


Solar Panels Flexible add to the life of your boat and batteries, and the solar panels end up paying for themselves in the long run. Click here for information


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