Marine Flexible Solar Panels

Adding Solar Power To Your Next Boating Adventure


Thin Flexible PV Solar Panel When most people think of solar panels they think of rigid objects that are similar to solid glass.  Solar panels are not something that you could walk on it is certainly not something that would be a good pair with saltwater.  Most boats and yacht rely on power from the shore in order to keep batteries charged for both starting the vessel and powering anything aboard.  However, thanks to some advances in solar technology you can install solar panels on a boat or a yacht that you can not only walk on but is also can handle attacks from salt water.


One of the many benefits from placing solar panels on a boat is that you have the potential of replacing having to power up at shore.  Many manufactures are starting to offer solar panels as part of the purchase package or releasing models that are a hybrid.  The main concern with any boat is to ensure that pumps remain functioning as well as the boat’s engine will start after sitting for an extended period of time.  So, the battery should be topped off the majority of the time. Solar panels can provide a solution to the problem of keeping the batteries full without having to rely on power from the shore.  Small solar panel set up could cost less than $100, however this set up will only help keep the battery full after it has already been charged from shore power and all electric accessories will be left out in the cold.


marine solar panels boat pvBefore you make a big investment for your boat or yacht and starting to wire up everything, you want to have a plan in mind of what you are actually trying to accomplish with adding solar panels to the vessel.  The first step is to establish what is actually using power aboard.  There are electrical budget worksheets available available online.  This will help you determine how many hours of energy do you typically use when you are on the boat.  The second step is to determine how long you would like to anchor out.  How long you would like to stay off of shore will determine the size of storage batteries that you are going to need as well as the number of amps that the solar panels are expected to produce in order to keep you in comfort while you are away.


The last item to consider is where, exactly you would like the solar panels to be installed.  This is where consulting a professional may be considered extremely helpful.  There are many factors to consider when you are choosing an appropriate placement such as you need to keep the solar panels away from the radar domes, flagstaffs, as well as other arrangements that will cast a shadow on the surface of the solar panel.  Shadows could impede the production of power that the panel can produce, which would throw a wrinkle in any best laid plan for some time at sea.  The best benefit for solar panels is that they operate quietly, so you can enjoy your alone time more.


Finding the right Marine Flexible Solar Panels for your boat can be quite confusing, there are a lot of things to keep in mind before you set out to buy one, For more useful information that could make this process simple, click here.

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