Yacht Solar Panels

solar flexible panelsFlexible solar panels are lightweight and versatile, making them extremely valuable if you need a portable panel, for its ability to be roll and fold, which also have amorphous technologies and tend to cover a larger area per watt than crystalline technologies. However, without having glass, they are less fragile and lighter than the rigid, framed panels, and they perform well under small light conditions. These kinds of panel are useful for boats and yachts; this solar panel is also useful for trekking, cycling and kayaking for its Roll able and flexibility.


Flexible solar panels for boats are getting to be well known among sailors not only

because they can keep lights and devices operating, but also because they are quieter. The method of getting energy is also free and plentiful. Installing a flexible solar power system on any boat is therefore different from how you will set up a solar energy panel for your house.


There are many pre-packaged boats solar power systems that are for sale in the market. If you are buying the system off-the-shelves, there are actually things you need to be informed about.


flexible solar cells for saleFirst and foremost, you will have to determine the amount of electric power (watt) you would like. At this point you will need to do some simple calculations. Just simply create a quick note of all the power usage of your lights and appliances then sum them all together. You can do this by taking note of the total AMPS you need, multiplied by the number of hours it will be running. Divide this number by 2 to get the wattage you need. After that, multiply the wattage by $20. This is a rough calculation to tell yourselves how big a system you need which also indicate how much it is going to cost you.


Another aspect you must take note of is the fact that there are several categories of solar panels, examples: Solar panels constructed using mono-crystalline cells have great performance in producing electricity, and take up little space, although do not have shade protection. However, shade protection is the strength for the panels to keep on producing electrical power even within shaded environment. This function is important especially for boats. Solar energy panels using polycrystalline cells also have high efficiency, uses much less area, yet still doesn’t have a shade protection whereas solar panels making use of amorphous silicon cells have lower performance, uses more area, but do have shade protection.


The majority of portable solar power systems consist of an installation kit to secure the device. Some kits are flexible kinds which can be attached to canvases or maybe decks while the rest are rigid types and are only suitable for decks. Almost all kits will have these components: solar panel products are to collect photons from sunlight and produce a charge, charge controller is to regulate the charging of battery power and also prevent overcharging, and batteries are to store the charges supplied by the panels. The system generates 12 Volt DC current. If you need to power devices that demand AC power, you will need to add an inverter to the solar power system, but this is frequently sold individually.


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