Flexible Solar Panels for Boats

The benefits of Solar Energy on Marine life

flexible solar powered boatsA solar panel is basically known to be an essential equipment when it comes to battery charging. It is the device that transforms the sunlight into an electrical current. The electric current is being created when the sun rays land on the solar cells thus activating the electrons on the surface of the panel. The electrons later starts to jump from one atom to the other and this creates an electrical chain of reaction inform of the DC charge. This is what is then later stored in batteries as the energy to be used later on different things. In the marine life, most solar systems here consists of three important component ts which are: The solar panels, The charge controllers which also regulates the amount of charge going to the batteries and also it is the device responsible for prevention of overcharging and the third important requirement is a battery which is used to store the energy created. Solar power can be used in marine life in different applications like augmenting an engine based charging on cruising ships, It can be used for sole source charging for boats without auxiliary engines and also it can be used in maintenance charging for boats on moorings.


boat flexible solar panelsBoaters and other mariners usually see the energy produced by the solar panels as a huge relief since they also benefit from this technology in many ways for instance, when you are a boater and you want to fit a solar panel into your boat, you must want to consider the following for the efficiency of your charging system. Consider fitting your boat with rigid panels to provide more power since they are better than flexible solar panel. The use of the solar energy is also encouraged due to its eco-friendly nature. It is not depend on the earth’s natural resources but only the renewable energy from the sun which is usually replaced by natural processes and cannot be exhausted. It is also available in abundance, clean and its pollution free too making it a better source of energy. Boaters also use this power to power up their appliances and electronic devices on the boat and also powers up their solar marine lanterns.


Solar panels are encouraged in things like RVs and boats since they help in providing a reliable source of power and also energy security as the power stored can be used as a backup instead of any emergency or where there is no sufficient electricity. The solar energy also plays an important role when it comes to aquatic life in that it can be converted by the green plants into chemical energy which can later create the bio mass that makes up the fossil fuels. This is done during the process known as the photosynthesis. Another advantage of solar energy on aquatic life is that it can be used for making potable, brackish or saline water. This is done with no help of electricity or any chemical and most of this all, the solar energy can also be viewed as a source of employment due to the many job opportunities we have seen it create from designing the solar panels and making them to customizing and fitting them on to different surfaces according to the client’s needs.


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