Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Why You Should Use a Flexible Solar Panel On Your Boat


As an avid boat enthusiast, it’s possible that you spend a long hours fishing or just enjoying the water. You probably also have a lot of electronics on your boat like radio, fridge or even an AC in your cabin to keep cool. This means that when out on the waters you worry about battery life and so don’t use the radio perhaps or the AC to save battery life. Installing a flexible solar panel on your boat can save you a lot of bother as that will ensure your batteries are always charged so you can switch on all your lights when coming in late from a fishing trip.


Some people use trickle type of solar panel but that is hardly capable of providing the power you need for long boat outings. The trickle type solar panel cannot charge a battery that is already low on power but will merely maintain the life that is still available. On the other hand a marine flexible solar panel will recharge the battery and give you the power you need when you are not connected to the shore power. Some people also use wind energy on their boats for power but that turns out to be a lot costlier than flexible solar panel installation. The flexible solar panels produce enough energy to run your appliances just like a home inverter.Contrary to belief solar panels produce energy even in indirect sunlight though with reduced output as compared to direct sunlight.


flexible solar panel for boatsThe mono-crystalline cells used in marine flexible solar panels are designed to provide maximum output even after years of use. No matter what kind of boat you have and what electronics you use additional power energy is something that gives you a sense of security when out on the waters day after day. Besides this the fact that the solar panels are lightweight and require little space for installation means they are ideal for boats where space and weight are important factors to consider.


Most flexible solar control panels are available with a solar charge controller so that you can maximize the output of the solar panels. You can opt for the junction box connection or the soldering ribbon connection. The panels are easy to install as they are equipped with a very high bond adhesive. What makes marine flexible solar panels a good choice is that they are economical to install and can give you as much energy you want from the sun. They are designed for marine environment and therefore they are



Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panels are the best way of powering your boat without burning a hole in your pocket. They are easy to install and go a long way. Click here for more information.


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