Flexible Solar panels for boats

Now that you have made the decision to get solar panels to help provide energy to your boat, you now have to comb through all of the different choices to find the right one for your needs. Do you need a lot of power? What type of panel are you looking for? You will need to do your research and discuss options with a solar panel specialist if you have additional questions. This can be overwhelming, however if you arm yourself with knowledge, you will be able to make the right choice.


Flexible solar panels marineThere are many things to consider when choosing solar panels. There are a variety of panels to choose from, varying from different materials that create the panels and different wattage choices. Between all of the size and material options, it can be anxiety inducing for those who do not know much about solar panel options. These are some considerations think about when choosing solar panels for your boat:

Types of Panel

There are a few different types of solar panels: solar modules, monocrystalline, multicrystalline, and amorphous silicon. Solar modules are sensitive to shading. If any cell or portion of the cell is shaded, it will start to draw power rather than producing it. Monocrystalline are silicon cells that are grown into larger crystals and then are cross-sectioned cut into smaller wafers that will form individual cell. These are joined together in order to create a solar panel. These panels take up less space on the deck and also have a higher efficiency conversion. Multicrystalline cells are very similar to monocrystalline cells. Finally, amorphous silicon is the most inexpensive choice. This option is a flexible solar panel for boats. The conversion efficiency is not as good as the other option however it is shadow protected unlike the other choices. This means that the panel will still charge even if part of the cell is in the shadow. This is the perfect choice for a sailboat.

solar panel marineEnergy Output

When picking out panels, you will want to decide if you want to be entirely self-sufficient or if you want to just have something to reduce engine-running time. If you are aiming to be completely self-sufficient, the solar panels need to exceed the basic requirements by 20%. You will also want to consider your budget. To pick the right panel, think about the items that you are powering up and add up the average ampere-hours. This will let you know the wattage necessary to power your boat.


The configuration of your boat will make a difference here. This will determine how and where you will be wiring up your panels. If you have any doubts about installing panels yourself, it would be wise to turn to a professional for advice or to actually install the panels.


Solar panels are definitely a worthwhile investment for your boat. It helps save on fuel costs and can quickly charge your batteries. Do not question the purchase because there is so much to gain from solar panels.


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