Marine Solar Panels

Portable Solar PanelIt can be very overwhelming to choose the right solar panel for your
specific boating needs. In order to pick the correct choices, you will want to do your research and understand what you are looking for during your solar panel search. Solar can be a great option for your boating needs, so you have made a great first step by considering this option. Solar energy is great for those who are looking to save money on their energy costs in the long term.


First of all, you will want to consider the size of the installation that you will need. For this, you want to have the specific purpose of your solar panel in mind. There is a huge difference between the installation you will need if you just want something to help keep the battery full of charge when the boat is not in use and if you want a solar panel set up that will power the entire boat. Carefully decide what you would like your panel for, and this will help you get into the right direction for your selections.  You will want to include items like appliances that you are also trying to power with your solar panel. You will also need to consider the current battery that you have. The different battery types can impact your choice. Luckily, you are able to easily expand your solar panel set up depending on your needs. This makes the decision a lot less stressful knowing that you can add on power as needed.


Small Flexible Solar PanelsAside from choosing wattage, you will have to choose the type of panel that you are looking for. If you want something that is not hindered by shade or if you want something with maximum efficiency, these are all things to look for when choosing a panel. There are options like the crystalline option, which is the most durable and efficient choice on the market. These are also the most expensive choice. However, these are not very good options if you spend a lot of time in the shade. The other choice is to choose a flexible solar panel for your boat. These have a few different benefits. These panels are less expensive initially and are capable of being mounted in a flexible manner. Flexible solar panels also are not sensitive to shade, meaning that you can charge the battery even in low light areas. The downside to these flexible panels is that they are about half as effective as the crystalline option and have a much shorter lifespan. This can be a mostly personal preference and budget decision for you to make.


If you have any questions during this solar panel purchasing process, be sure to talk to a professional or two. They can give great insight on deciding the right panels and can give recommendations from what they have seen in the field. Solar panels are a wise investment for your boat and you will notice its many benefits after taking this plunge.


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