Marine Flexible Solar Panels

Marine Flexible Solar Panels

Marine flexible solar panels are the best suitable option that provides the most power in the smallest space available. For a long-lasting charge, ApolloFLEX panels are designed to be charge your equipment without depleting the battery life of your boat. These panels help keep your batteries fully charged and healthy whether you are on your boat or away from it.




  • Thin & Semi-flexible Panels
  • Aerodynamic
  • Saltwater Resistant
  • Safe to Walk On
  • Highly Durable


The thin anodized aluminum backsheet allows the panels to be easily installed on your boats deck and adhere firmly on slightly curved surfaces. The anodized aluminum backing also helps increase its protection against harsh weather condition, including constant saltwater exposure. Flexible solar panels are designed to withstand high temperatures without deteriorating.


Compared to standard solar panels, flexible solar panels are lighter, non-breakable, and energy efficient. If you need further energy, you can simply add an additional module for a stronger charge. Mount them on your deck at any angle and the panels are able to absorb the sunlight and increase energy efficiency by 19%. At Stored Energy Products, we offer a range of marine flexible solar panels to fit and flex your lifestyle. For quick and easy ordering, we offer a PRO Account; a wholesale program for high volume buyers and resellers.



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