What makes this solar panel different?

The hope to use solar power as a reliable source of energy is a concept that has been around for several decades. Not until recently, have we seen major technological advances in solar energy, not only is it sustainable but it is also renewable. It is a natural source of energy that will provide you electricity anywhere you go. Unlike generators, solar panels begin absorbing energy from the sun as soon as it begins to rise and continues to produce electricity.


Flexible solar panels are thin and lightweight allowing them to be easily installed on your RV, caravan, boat, and other mobile units. Weighing from 2.1 to 14 lbs, these modules are up to 50% lighter than any other solar system modules available. ApolloFLEX Mono-TL modules use monocrystalline solar cells and provide a higher energy conversion and more flexibility than your standard crystalline cells.


  • Maintenance Free
  • Light, Thin, and Semi-flexible
  • Reliable Source of Renewable Energy
  • Energy Conversion Efficiency 19%


The most important benefit using solar power is its security and its energy independency. If you require more electricity, there is no issue. Simply connect additional solar modules to fit your needs. With its rock-solid durability and its high performance, solar panels continue to change the way we use energy. Solar panels are the silent energy producer, with continuous efficiency.



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