How Do Flexible Solar Panels Work?

Flexible solar panels have provided our customers nationwide with reliable energy and power-charging capabilities for RVs, boats and more. But how exactly do they work? Well, solar electric devices have been a concept for over 50 years, however not until recently have we seen major technological advancements in solar energy. Here’s how solar panels allow us to reap the benefits of the sun:

Absorbing Energy from Sunlight

Solar panels are made of photovoltaic cells, these cells are able to convert photons into electrons. They are usually referred to as photovoltaics or PV cells and are made up of at least 2 semiconductor layers that convert sunlight into electricity. One layer carries a positive charge and the other carries a negative charge.

Sunlight consists of tiny particles of energy referred to as photons. As the PV cells are exposed to direct sunlight, these photons pass through and are absorbed by the solar cell. When enough of the photons are absorbed by the negative layer of the PV cell, electrons are freed from the negative layer. The now freed electrons naturally migrate towards the positive layer creating a voltage differential similar to a household battery.

Creating Electricity

When these 2 layers are connected and then packaged into a frame, commonly referred to as a panel, the electrons flow and create electricity. For solar panels, groups of photovoltaic cells are configured into modules and arrays. By combining them, they are able to charge batteries, motors, and any other electrical devices. The panel’s flexibility allows it to be easily installed on slightly curved surfaces of boats and other vehicles, which is just one reason why this solar panel is different and a cut above the rest.

Where Can I Get Mine?

We make shopping for flexible solar panels just a simple as it is to use the power of the sun.”To buy any of our energy solutions, you can order easily via phone, fax, or by shopping the large variety of products online. The panels aren’t the only thing that’s flexible, we also offer flexible payment options and special offers and support access with our PRO Account wholesale program.

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