How Your Businesses Can Reduce Carbon Emissions


How can your business reduce its carbon footprint without having to do a full building renovation? There are a number of small steps you can take that can not only make your company more eco friendly but also cut back you on your monthly bill spending. Not only will making your business more eco friendly impact the environment but you could attract more clients and customer in doing so.




Upgrade To Energy Star Equipment.


semi flexible solar panel 2015If you business is due for some equipment upgrades invest in energy star appliances. Energy star product can use up to 70% less energy to operate than standard products and in term can cut your utility bills for your business by almost 30%. Energy star products are designed specifically to not only save on energy but to also cut back on the overall energy used to operate.


Utilize Technology.


You can greatly reduce your company’s carbon emission by using video conferencing or allowing employees to work from home. If your company’s employees spend a lot of time traveling you can help reduce carbon emission from Palm trips and the back and forth drive to work by setting up systems for video chats and conference calls. This is not only incredible eco friendly but saves your business thousands on travel expenses each year.


Include Your Staff.


Set up systems that encourage your staff to car pool to cut back on carbon emission. Have your staff unplug what they can when they can especially at the end of the day. Too often many employees will let their computer go into sleep mode instead of shutting it down and powering off these is an incredible amount of energy wasted each night and even greater for over the weekends when no one is in the office.


Use Energy Efficient Lighting.


Switch the incandescent light bulbs in your office to energy saving LED light bulbs instead. The lifespan of the light bulbs at up to 20 years, which mean you, will be saving hundreds of dollars from not having to replace them as often as you would with incandescent lights. Utilizing LED lights in you business offices can reduce your company’s energy usage by up to 70%.


best flexible solar panel priceGet An Evaluation.


By having a professional come into your business they will be able to easily tell you where you are wasting energy and options for you to better offset these energy cost. You can begin to make a better plan on how to transition your business to a more eco friendly environment.


By taking these small steps with your business you can greatly have a more positive impact on the environment. Many consumers are starting to turn to more eco friendly business because of the ever-growing problem with climate change. Not only will making these improvements to your business help the environment but also they are beneficial to you business profit. offers a wide range of the best flexible solar panels for all purposes, click here to know more.

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