About Stored Energy Products, Inc.

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Founded in 2004, we are a value-added battery and power solutions product distributor. At Store Energy Products, we focus on advanced battery technologies, solar energy products, LED lighting and custom energy solutions. We distribute to customers worldwide and sell to the public, retailers, OEMS, as well as government facilities.

Technology is no longer tools used by government and the elite, but tools of necessity and importance enjoyed by everyone in the world. Sustainable energy is fast becoming a reliable source of energy. Both sustainable and portable technology share a principal requirement – stored energy. At Stored Energy Products, we know the importance of technology and it’s ability to continue to grow which has become a necessary tool in our daily lives.

The battery industry represents 65 billion dollars a year with an estimated annual growth of 6% worldwide. We recognize the importance of portable energy and flexible solar panel technologies and the opportunity in grow in this industry to preserve our natural resources.

We are Committed to Our Customers…

Technology is constantly improving, and we make providing you with the latest in advancement in solar energy. It is our passion and commitment to stay current and always work with you to find a solution. Whether you are looking for long term purchase agreements, or an OEM looking for custom assembly manufactured off-shore, we look forward to providing you your power solution needs!

To all of you, from all of us – we like to thank you for your business!


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